Aerial archaeology J. Dassie. Touristic 2

 The air walk reveals different tourist jewels ... 2

La Rochelle CM.  The old port with the famous turns and the city.  © J. Dassié

Office de Tourisme de La Rochelle   :


Talmont-sur-Gironde CM.  The Sainte-Radegonde church, perched on the cliff. © J. Dassié

Musée des Amis de Talmont :

Eglises ---------------------------- :


 Rochefort CM. Great royal rope manufacture.                                                       © J. Dassié

Site of the Town of Rochefort --------:
Still? There are many of other wonders in our area!
To discover them, visit for example:
The "Pierres romanes" -------------------:

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